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Oh it has been a loooong week. Had my anniversary on monday cant believe its been a year with my amazing man.

Ive done a couple of projects since then. Im very proud of the second one. If you want a pattern feel free to contact me. Ive also got 2 other ones that are half finished cause i ran out of wool.
So without further a due(?) here are some pictures for you. Sorry its such a short post today. Its getting really cold and I’m feeling under the weather.
Much love







Braided scarf


Ah its the end of another week. Cant believe the year is going so fast, my Fridays are pretty easy, today was shoe shopping and crocheting. Had to find my maid of honour shoes, it is almost impossible to find silver shoes that aren’t sky high or blingy. Im going to be in the shoes for 8+ hours id like to not be crippled after. So between that more wool, my sisters 21st party tomorrow, and my 1 year anniversary monday, i am tapped out.

But on another note i made a new scarf and this one worked exactly as i pictured it. I call it the BRAIDED SCARF!!! You can do it one of two ways i tried both and the first way was much easier for me but you might find the second way easier ill put the second way in brackets. And have fun doing it.

8ply wool
5mm hook
Wool needle

Sc= single crochet
Ch= chain

1. Ch 121 (*ch 10)

2. Sc in 2nd ch from hook(*same) and sc in every stitch till end, ch 1 and turn.

3. Repeat step 2, 10 times. ( *repeat step 2, 120 times)

4. Cut and Tie off end(*same)

5. start from step one and repeat step 1-4 another 2 times (*same)

6. Stack three stripes on top of each other, Using wool needle sew the three stripes together at top. (*same)

7. Braid 3 stripes until end (*same)

8. Sew end of 3 stripes together.

And there u have it a very cute braided scarf. I wore this to my sisters 21st and my mum asked if i had made it cause it looked store bought.

If any one has any suggestions, requests or any of you make this drop me a line or send some pics i’d love to see em.




Monday night…. Spaghetti night

Ah mondays, they are bad enough and then bam!!! U wake up with a cold, kind of makes monday even worse not to mention one of my friends is moving so shes found all these old primary school photos and is posting them on Facebook. But they’re always good for a few laughs.
One good thing about monday, it means spaghetti night. We have spaghetti once a week here. I have that many different recipes for spaghetti. Most are for those days when i cant be bothered. Tonights was not one of those this is my boyfriends favourite cause it has bacon in it. So heres the ingredients and the steps.

1 clove garlic
1 tsp oil
1 brown onion diced
1 carrot diced
7 bacon rashers diced
500g minced beef
500g spaghetti
1 tin diced tomatoes.
Salt and pepper
Parmesan (optional)

In pan heat oil, add garlic and diced onion, stir till starts to brown.

In a pot boil water, add salt and pasta, stirring occasionally to separate noodles.

Add diced carrot to pan cook stirring until they start to soften.

Add diced bacon and mince to pan, cook untill brown.

Once brown add tinned tomatoes and salt and pepper and mix together.


Pasta should now be ready.


Now usually i put the pasta in a bowl and put the meat mix on top with some parmesan cause to much cheese makes me sick. But the family loves cheese and don’t like the meat on top thing so i drain the pasta and mix it into the meat and add about 200g shredded tasty cheese. If you don’t want to do this thats fine too.


Then tada all done, just put in bowl and sprinkle parmesan on top then enjoy!

<img src="" alt="20130422-191530.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"
I hope you guys like the recipe its still pretty basic, but more prep, I've got another scarf coming up for you guys in a day or to. I didn't get a chance to work on it today, i had to see bridal florists and do the groceries and its my sisters 21st birthday but hopefully ill get it done tomorrow.

Enjoy your mondays lovelies



VICTORY!!!! But no rest for the wicked


I am so unbelievably proud of myself. I finally finished the beanie, oh that dreaded beanie it tested me, but after all the yelling in frustration and a little bit of cursing i did it. I wouldn’t say I’m a beginner crocheter but I’m deffinatley not and advanced one so this pattern was really tricky for me considering it wasnt a pattern at all and i did it of look and feel. And because usually my hats all turn out like warped ufos. So as previously stated…. Victory :).

On the down side its the weekend once again and I’m home crocheting all day. you see in return for using her camera and her modelling some of my stuff my sister has asked that i make some crocheted items for a charity stall shes organising. Im super proud of her and don’t mind at all helping.

She is fundraising for a group called a21 who rehabilitates and protects women who have been enslaved and used in sex trafficking. They are an amazing group who have done so much to help. They prevent trafficking through awareness and education. In schools, orphanages, and universities, they have created presentations and curriculum to educate potential victims of trafficking. Young people are equipped with strategies to avoid becoming a victim.

They also believe prevention occurs by educating those not necessarily as victims, but as suppliers in the human slave trade.They’re prevention presentations in six different countries aim to prevent trafficking through awareness before it begins.

They protect those who have been trafficked by building shelters and transition homes. Our restoration facilities are safe places for survivors to feel empowered to live in freedom.

They prosecute traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking. they also provide legal counsel to every victim in their care, and represent them in criminal proceedings. And they partner with local law enforcement, service providers, and community members to meet a comprehensive set of needs for those rescued from bondage. They truly aim to strengthen every aspect of anti-trafficking efforts so together we can see injustice abolished.

I no i rambled but i believe this is a great charity. If you’d like to no more or donate
click here

And stay tuned for a new pattern soon, and chow yall
have a good weekend




Hey all,

Cant believe another week has almost past, its been a slow and busy week plenty of projects in the works. I finished a scarf id been crocheting but am so saddened by it, so much so im not even gonna put the pattern up. It just didnt end up the way i had it pictured in my head. Im proud of the hood but the scarf part is to thin and not warm enough.

I started a drawing for my boyfriends brother a month ago and has been sitting in black and white for 3 weeks, i coloured 2 rows and moved on to a new project. My friend asked me to knit him a beanie and for some reason it just doesn’t want to stay beanie shaped which is frustrating me.

Ah first world problems, you can tell its getting colder here my cat gus has permantly flattened his bed he has put on so much weight. Im kind of hoping he will lay on me enough to flatten my stomach.

Ugh the dreaded beanie calls.
Chow for now


3 days later…. Tada!


Another saturday and I’m home doing nothing, sometimes i feel like I live a truly boring life. But i know if i was busy I’d be wishing for a saturday at home on the couch. But in all my complaining I’m quite proud, i finished my loop scarf. Its heading towards winter and it’s getting colder and colder and I’m not sure about you but i LOOOOOOVE scarfs and winter. Its my favourite time of year. Cuddling under a rug with a hot tea and a good book. Mmm nothing better.

So this was a really easy scarf granted its taken me almost 3 days to do but ive been cleaning up the house for a house inspection and chilling with the bf so ive only been doing it watching tv of a night. i made up the pattern my self and ill write it down for u guys here. It will probably take a couple of hours as its long but so warm and snuggly its well worth the wait. Please send me pics if u make it. Id love to see all your beautiful takes on it. enjoy!!!

I used a 5 ply wool and a 5.5 hook
Ch= chain
Dc= double crochet
Ss= slip stitch

1. Ch 161


2. DC in second ch from hook repeat to end, ch 1 then turn



3. Repeat step 2 until you have 9-10 rows if you have a tight tension you may need to do more. But you’ll know what you’re comfortable with.

4. Leave 15-20 cm tail pull through last dc

5. Line up ends and sew together with wool needle and tail.


And there you have you’re very own loop scarf.

Thanks for checking it out guys and drop me a line if youd like to see any specific items.
Enjoy your weekend lovelies.


First Post

So this is my first post, so welcome to Bits nd Bobs. I thought I’d start this blog cause I have been writing down all my patterns and recipes and have no where to put them. So enter blogging. I’m kind of new at this so go easy on me.

So a bit about me, My name is Jessica I’m 23, I live with my partner Anthony, I’m not working at the moment it’s soooo hard finding a job at the moment when u live in a city that has so many unemployed people and very few jobs and you have no car, it makes things a little bit hard.

Any way enough whinging, I have a cat called Gus you may see pics of him soon cause he is adorable. Ive been filling my spare time with crocheting and craft and baking and cooking, and that’s why I’m starting my blog.

So enjoy people



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